We now offer cPanel Webhosting & Cloud Servers

Here at VPNILY we are always looking for ways to make our customers life’s easier and that is why we have launched our cPanel based webhosting and our Cloud server plans.

Our lighenting quick cPanel Webhosting packages are tailored to suit everyone from a budding blogger to the seasoned pro webmaster. Our servers are based in Dublin, Ireland and come packed with the latest technology and are based on NvME SSD drives.

One of the best things about our hosting plans is the fact we have both Softaculous auto script installer and JetBackups available at no cost. Before you ask what they are I shall dive in and explain….

Softaculous :

Softaculous is one of the hosting industries leading auto script installers and allows you to install hundreds of scripts/software at the click of a button. An example of the software that is available to install is WordPress. Use your saved time wisely and go make a cuppa!

JetBackups :

JetBackups is one of the best backup software you could have available to you as a hosting customer. it offers you hourly and daily backups (hosted in 3 places for redundancy). With one click you can restore from your chosen backup either the full thing or specific files.

Charity Starts At VPNILY!

Here at VPNILY our core mission has always been not only to provide an amazing product our customers love but also to give back to the communities who are in need. Whether you purchase a VPN plan or a Cloud Server you are helping others that need help the most.

Each month any of our profit that we make we will be donating 20% of that profit split equally to 3 charities. The fun part that involves you is that each month we will run a poll via email (if you opt-in to receive our emails) allowing you to vote for the 3 charities you think deserve the donation. If everyone votes for different charities and we have no clear winners then all the charities will be placed into a random raffle generator and we will record the draw to decide who wins.

The charities can be anything that you like from Children’s welfare to your local hospice. We would like to in some way include some charities that directly benefit the efforts to fight COVID-19 in any form. In this time we can all pull together and help raise funds for much needed PPE equipment, meals for keyworkers and help for those who can’t get out the house in these tough times.

We want to be transparent with this whole process and will share with you each month that the donations are made the receipt of donation.

We hope to make our first donations by the end of June 2020 and look forward to sharing the results with you. We know how difficult it is for everyone to have spare funds available to donate so every donation we make is from US (you and VPNILY).

Help yourself with our products, help others!

Stay Safe and keep checking back at our blog for updates