Nextcloud File Storage – Now Launched!

How can VPNILY Cloud (Nextcloud) help you today?

We at VPNILY are always looking for new products to offer our customers and the work never stops in the background to get ideas from a thought to the finished product. This product is based on the ever popular Nextcloud.

Over the last 4 weeks we have ran a soft launch on a new product that allows you host and take your files with you no matter where you go. During our test phase we launched the product to over 100 users which allowed us to receive good and bad feedback to tailor the product to your & our needs. The most common feedback from our test users were requests to install apps within Nextcloud to make working on your files a more pleasant experience.

With all of our Nextcloud file storage plans you have at your disposal highly powered servers connected at no less than 10Gbps and using the fastest storage medium (NVME SSD drives). Each of our Nextcloud servers boast 96GB Ram and the latest CPU technology. The most important feature is our daily backups which in the event of failure allows us to restore everything in under 1 hour ensuring you have access to the files you need to access without disruption. All of the plans come with a completely unlimited bandwidth quota meaning you will never be suspended for going over your quotas again!

Security and privacy is also key to our business so by default we have server side encryption enabled and also you can enable END-TO-END encryption which ensures only you can access your data. If you enable end-to-end encryption please make note of your 12 word recovery passphrase as if you lose this we CANNOT access or help you recover your files.


Our VPN customers as standard are entitled to 5GB FREE Nextcloud storage by default, if you would like to make use of this offer just raise a ticket on our billing and support portal and we will be happy to get you setup promptly.

Check out our Nextcloud promotional video and see it in its glory!

A little about Nextcloud :

Nextcloud is an open source file storage solution which allows you easy access to upload and access your files virtually anywhere. You can do this with the Native Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Linux sync clients and also via a web interface. Within the web interface you have a whole host of apps to help make working more enjoyable such as a built in office suite, pdf viewer, audio player, weather, maps & much more! Read more about our friends at Nextcloud here

Not only can you access your files, you can also easily share files with friends, family and those in your team!

Here are some questions we get asked frequently :

Where are your Nextcloud servers located?

Our Nextcloud servers are located in Dublin, Ireland within AWS.

Is my data secure?

Of course, not only do we have server side encryption enabled but you can also by yourself enable end-to-end encryption that only you can access.

Can I upgrade if I’m close to my space limit?

Of course, simply open a ticket with us and we can discuss upgrade options to suit you

Can you install X app as I can’t see it in Nextcloud

Yes, absolutely. We take all requests for apps seriously and will in most cases enable them for you instantly.

Prices start at £4 per month meaning you can finally ditch Google Drive or OneDrive and take back control of your data. Order yours today here

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